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Social Media Marketing Services

Are you a business owner or marketing manager who is looking to build brand awareness and engage potential leads through social media marketing? We not only have used our social prospecting system for clients just like you, but also for ourselves to generate many lead opportunities for our sales team.

We solve the problem of cold calling and cold prospecting by generating warm leads for your company with prospects that have already engaged with your brand and want to start a conversation with you. This means we are delivering qualified leads to your front door which results in increased close rates and increased sales.

Let’s Start a Conversation with the Right People at the Right time.

Social media campaigns have always been about getting more followers, likes and friends. These are all great reasons to be present on social media for brand awareness, but likes and followers do not always equate into sales. Now social media marketing is about starting conversations with the right people, your prospects, at the right time to nurture them along the sales path.

Link360 will work with you to identify your marketing goals and then develop a customized, cost-effective program to reach potential customers through the power of generating organic social media traffic. We’re experienced in developing effective social media strategies across all major networks including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube and more.

Social media campaigns with Link360 will provide your social channels with the following results.

  • Grow your contact lists
  • Lead Generation
  • Bring awareness to your email marketing campaigns
  • Increase Linkedin connections
  • Increase followers across all social media platforms

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