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Attract Visitors To Your Website, Convert Them Into Leads, Close Them Into Customers And Delight Them As Long Term Clients

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Hi I am Elizabeth Yarbrough, Marketing Strategist at Link360.

Many of our clients came to us to generate leads, but didn’t know quite where to start. They hadn’t had success with traditional methods, and certainly did know a true ROI for their Marketing Dollars.

Did you know that inbound marketing is helping B2B companies increase their leads by 84% on average, making Inbound the most effective means of capturing new clients for your business today.

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The Link360 Team has helped our organization create an internet marketing campaign from the start and grow that to include our website and other lead generation areas. They have helped us scale up and scale down when needed and are always aware of what is best for us. It really impressed me that they are not just out for the sale, but truly what is best for us as the client.

Don Kredensor, Managing Partner, Voluntary Benefits at Work

We'll help you optimize your sales pipeline


It begins with your website! Great website designs build trust and credibility, and contains engaging and persuasive content that speaks to the deep needs of your target audience.


Converting traffic into qualified leads is about providing persuasive and engaging content that shows prospects how your services are the only choice to solve their unique problems.


By attracting the right type of buyers to your website with highly convincing and trust-building content, it makes it a cinch to convert them into satisfied customers.


While Link360 helps you dramatically increase sales, we don’t stop there! We turn first-time customers and clients into repeat sales by adding value through additional content marketing and follow-up procedures.