The Best Email Marketing Ideas for Dentists

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Email Marketing Ideas for Dentists

Your dental email list is your most valuable asset to your marketing strategy.

According to WordStream, for every $1 spent on email marketing, $44 is made in return. Your email marketing has a huge impact on nurturing new leads towards becoming patients, staying connected with your existing patients, and keeping them coming back into your office.

You see, when done correctly, a strong email marketing strategy will increase your bottom-line and customer retention. It’s an essential ingredient to the inbound marketing way and by fully utilizing its tactics, you’ll separate your practice from competitors.

What Exactly is Email Marketing?

Simply put, email marketing consists of a brand sending targeted, relevant email messages to a list of subscribers – recipients who’ve willfully opted into their list – with the intent of getting their audience to take a specific action.

This action can be as simple as clicking on a link that directs to a website, video or blog post, or to set an appointment. The email could also be informative in nature (i.e. company update, appointment reminder, etc.).

The ultimate goal of email marketing is to convert new subscribers into new patients, retain these and existing patients, and to turn your subscribers into raving fans of your practice.

Why is Email Marketing Important for Dentists?

As you can see, email marketing is super vital for dentists to stay fresh in an ever-evolving digital era.

Additionally, you’re connecting directly with your target audience. Opposed to promoting on social media, which can yield hit and miss results, your email marketing gets right to the core of your ideal customer. You’re speaking directly to them, giving you a greater chance to drive more patients through your doors.

Finally, email is the preferred choice of communication for consumers. Campaign Monitor shares that 72% people prefer to receive promotional content through email, compared to 17% who prefer social media.

So, by bolstering your email marketing, you’re giving your patients more of what they want. It’s simply the best way to further enrich the dentist-patient relationship.

3 Email Marketing Ideas for Dentists

With that prefaced, here are some simple yet highly effective email marketing ideas for your dental marketing:

  1. Have a Consistent Frequency: You want to create an email cadence where your recipient sees you regularly. Some studies share that sending once per month is sufficient. Yet, another revealed that 15% of survey respondents stated they wouldn’t mind receiving a promotional email every day (Source: Entrepreneur). The key is to test the frequency with your list and check the engagement levels. Now, keep in mind that appointment reminders serve a separate purpose. Yet, other email content such as newsletters, tips for great dental hygiene, and company updates should be tested to see how often your recipients are opening and if they’re engaging with your message.
  2. Do Segment Your Patients Email segmentation is a killer best practice that every business should leverage to better engage their list. In fact, the results from segmentation are incredible: segmented and targeted emails generate 58% of all revenue (Source: HubSpot). You see, by segmenting or further categorizing your patients, you’ll be able to send targeted messages that appeal to their interests and needs. You’ll speak directly to their situation, making your email marketing effective. Here are a few ideas to begin using email segmentation in your dental marketing:
    1. Location (city, neighborhood)
    2. Demographic (age, gender, etc.)
    3. Birthday
    4. Type of dental procedure previously completed
    5. Recommended dental procedure(s)
    6. Patient history (how long they’ve been with your office)
  3. Focus on Increasing Engagement Keep in mind that the goal of your email marketing is to get your subscriber to engage…to take action. Therefore, it’s important that your email content captures attention, gets to the point, and moves readers to take the next step. You also want to continuously test your efforts so you’re constantly improving and scaling your results. When you discover what works, you can hone in on that to consistently drive engagement.

So, below are some key pointers to consider when crafting your email message. Using these tips will help get your subscribers engaged and interacting with your message:

  • Focus on a compelling subject line. It’s the first thing your subscriber sees and determines whether or not they’ll open. Be sure it’s catchy!
  • Unless it’s a newsletter, keep the message short, concise, and to the point
  • Be authentic and showcase your personality. Humanizing your brand makes you relatable and creates a genuine connection with your patients
  • Illustrate your points. Add video, an image, or even a quiz or poll. Use interactive content to creatively engage your list
  • Always clarify your call-to-action. What do you want your reader to do? Be sure the CTA is specifically stated to leave no room for guessing


Your email marketing will play a critical role in your inbound and dental marketing strategy. It has a huge potential in helping you improve and better your bottom line. Leverage it to your advantage. Implement these tips and be sure to test your efforts. With consistency, you’ll experience a growth in engagement, new patients, and retention.

If you need help with your dental email marketing, Contact Link360 today.

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