Social Media Marketing for Dentists: 3 Ways to Grow an Engaging Audience

With an estimated projection of 2.77 billion users around the globe, social media is the platform to find and engage with potential patients. You must go where your audience is…and since many of them are seeking to connect with and locate new brands on social, it’s important to show up where they’re looking!

Therefore, your social media strategy must be engaging to attract and grow your following and visibility. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be a challenging feat to truly optimize your dental social media marketing. In fact, by using these three steps, you can get in front of likely patients, build relationships, and move them to action!

Social Media Marketing for Dentists: Top Tips for Growth

1) Write Engaging Posts that Elicit Action

A huge goal of your social media marketing is to drive engagement from your followers. Simply posting just to be posting and hoping it sticks is not an effective strategy. It’s important that your posts prompt your audience to interact because, essentially, you want to convert your followers into website traffic and leads.

In other words, creating posts that elicit favorable behaviors that ultimately aligns with your business goals.

Therefore, spending time crafting quality content is key for social media marketing for dentists. Quality, not quantity wins with your audience and social media algorithms, giving you greater organic reach. Posting content that resonates with your ideal patients is what prompts users to stop and interact.

Here are a few ways how:

  • Questions perform crazy well on social media…so ask them! Actually, close-ended questions get 255% more clickthroughs than open-ended ones. Ask questions that get people responding ‘yes’ or ‘no’
  • You can’t go wrong posting helpful dental tips your potential and existing patients can use. Make sure it touches on common problems or questions your patients often ask regarding their dental health
  • Share sound bites from your recent blog article or a related-trending topic. Include the link to the article
  • Controversy – questioning a behavior or belief – makes good headlines. Use them to promote a recent blog topic or to highlight a content offer leading to your landing page
  • Quotes still work, just be sure to add a statement on how it represents your values and mission. Personalize it to further humanize your practice

One final tip: be sure to include popular or industry-related hashtags or keywords. This will help new people find your content and brand on social, putting your message in front of new eyeballs. Hashtags work well on Instagram and Twitter whereas keywords perform best on Facebook and Pinterest.

2) Use Video – Live and Pre-Recorded

Videos are by far the best tools to use for engaging and growing your audience on social. Stats and figures prove that users prefer video over social media posts and blog articles. They have a special way of drawing people in, building trust, and getting viewers to take action.

Videos are also perfect for how-to’s and instruction. For example, you can use live videos or YouTube to show your followers the correct way to dental hygiene and great oral health by revealing the right technique to flossing and brushing. Other ideas include showing how to properly care for braces in between visits or even highlighting tips and tricks. Each are incredibly useful for your dental marketing.

Finally, videos are simply perfect for giving quick answers to popular questions and ones that aren’t asked but should be. Since our attention spans are decreasing dramatically, implementing short 30-second videos could be a game-changer for your social media marketing. People will get the answers they need and it keeps your practice in the forefront.

The ideas are endless with videos. Use them to your advantage!

3) Be Consistent…and Social!

Your consistency in sharing valuable content plays a vital role in your social media marketing success. You see, staying “top of mind” is critical for attracting new patients to your content. Building a strong presence means maintaining a social media schedule where you’re regularly adding value and connecting your audience.

The best way to achieve this goal is by using a social media management tool like Buffer and planning your content in advance. By setting and scheduling it at the beginning of the week, for example, this ensures your audience has content to look forward to. You’ll experience a significant increase in your organic reach and follower engagement, especially when your content connects with your audience.

It’s also important to be responsive when people do engage with your content. Reply back to or like comments when they’re made. Answer questions and thank people for their feedback. These small tokens of interaction will encourage followers to continue responding to your posts.

Grow Your Audience and Presence on Social Media

Connect with your team and decide to implement these steps in your dental social media marketing. Your followers will appreciate the fresh, valuable content while your practice enjoys the growth of its social audience.

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About Link360:

Link360 is a healthcare digital marketing agency located in Greenville, SC.  We work with physicians who want to grow their practice, but are frustrated that their website is not generating the quality leads that they need.

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