Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips for your Practice Website

If you want to promote your dental practice online you need to be concerned about search engine optimization (SEO). Many of your potential patients use the search engines to find a dentist. SEO has gotten to be quite a competitive field. To stand out, you have to be familiar with some strategies that will help you get noticed. Here are some SEO tips for dentists to help you attract more clients.

Use Relevant Keywords 

Keywords have always played a major role in SEO and this remains the case today. Here are some tips to keep in mind for getting the most out of your keywords.

  • Create multiple pages with relevant keywords. Each page on your site gives you a chance to rank for certain keywords. You can create a separate page for each area in which you specialize such as cleanings, root canals, extractions, and anything else that you do. You might also create pages with tips on maintaining dental health.
  • Create a blog. If you don’t currently have a blog, you should start one. Posting regular blog posts is one of the best ways to make your site more SEO-friendly. Write about topics your clients and potential clients care about. Each blog post gives you the potential to rank in the search engines. You’re also building authority with your readers.
  • Use local keywords. As a dentist, you need to focus mainly on local SEO. People aren’t going to visit a dentist whose office is hundreds of miles away. They want one in their town, city, or even neighborhood. That’s why you need to use keywords on your website that identify your location. For example, suppose your office is in the Humboldt Park neighborhood of Chicago, you’d want to use terms such as “Chicago dentist” and “Humboldt Park dentist.” If you have certain specialties, you’ll also want to include keywords that reflect these such as “Humboldt Park pediatric dentist” or “Chicago dental implants.”

Claim Your Listings

If you want Google to rank your website, it’s essential to be listed on Google My Business. This increases your authority with Google and helps you rank better (as long as you follow other SEO guidelines such as having a user-friendly website). It also makes it easier for people to find you with Google Maps. Yet another benefit is the chance to have customer reviews displayed in the search listings. While Google is the most important search engine, it’s also helpful to be listed with Yahoo Local Business Listings and Bing Places For Business.

Focus on UX

User experience or UX is a factor that Google increasingly considers when ranking sites.

  • Your site should be easy to navigate. This means menus are at the top of the page and visitors can find what they’re looking for with ease.
  • Make sure your pages load quickly. Slow-loading pages are not only a turn-off to visitors, they can harm your SEO. If your site is slow you may want to look at your hosting plan. If you use WordPress, you can often speed up your site using browser caching plugins.
  • Make sure your site is mobile-friendly. More and more people are going online with mobile devices. It’s essential that your visitors can easily access your content from their smartphones and tablets. A simple way to tell is to type in your website URL on Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test page.

Optimize Your Images

Images make your site more interesting and give you another way to enhance your SEO. Photos, infographics, and other images help to break up text and keep visitors on your pages longer. Original and high-quality images will do more for you than stock images. You can optimize your images by using keywords in the file names and alt tags, which are the descriptions of your images. Another SEO tip to keep in mind is to keep your image file sizes as small as possible. As we’ve mentioned, page loading speed is important and large files can slow down your site.

The above tips will help your dental practice website rank better. They’ll also help to make your site more appealing and user-friendly. If you’re not well-versed in web design and search engine optimization, some of these tasks may seem a bit daunting. Link360 is an digital marketing agency specializing in SEO.  If we can help you, feel free to contact us today!

About Link360

Link360 is a healthcare digital marketing agency located in Greenville, SC. We help practices that want to grow, but are frustrated that their website is not generating the right leads for them.


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