7 Strong Ways to Boost Traffic to Your New Blog Posts

Sharing high-quality content is a key ingredient to your inbound marketing strategy. Yet, simply publishing blog articles does not guarantee that visitors will flood your pages. To drive traffic to your new blog posts, you must actively promote your content to get it in front of the right audience.

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You see, a killer content promotion strategy bolsters your traffic generation, engagement, visibility, and brand awareness. By spending more time promoting your new blog post than you did creating it, you’ll be more effective in your digital marketing and increase results.

The good news is, content promotion isn’t complicated. Use the following steps to help improve your online efforts and traffic generation.

1) Go Live on Social Media

Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, Snapchat, and Periscope are killer tools to building your brand fast. They quickly capture attention and moves viewers to engage with your message. Live video is so powerful that Facebook gives greater prominence to live video, helping to increase your organic reach and awareness.

Therefore, go live and promote your recent blog post. Make your headline interesting to give followers a reason to tune in. You can be effective simply by broadcasting for a few minutes, sharing two major highlights from your post and directing people to check out the rest.

2) Design an Attractive Infographic

Infographics generate lots of shares on social because of their visually appealing design. With so much text and information available on the internet, infographics attract more attention, henceforth, they receive more traffic.

Use your blog content and create your own infographic using Canva. You can publish a separate blog post that highlights your infographic for added content. Be sure to include the original link to boost SEO ranking and traffic.

3) Post a Question on Quora about Your Blog Post

This question and answer platform is the ideal channel to position your brand as a leading expert in the industry. A big advantage to Quora is these questions often appear in search results, increasing visibility. It’s also a huge source to stay active in your niche to discover what your market is saying…and how you can offer solutions.

Locate a question on Quora that pertains to your blog post and offer an answer. Include the blog link at the end so users can gain a more in-depth response at your website.

If you don’t find a question relating to your content, simply start one of your own and give a thoughtful response.

4) Visit Industry Related Forums

The key to promoting your blog post on forums is being actively involved in that community. Refrain from just posting your content and running. You can draw attention to your brand through your conversations and responses on these sites.

Only commit to 1-3 forums that you can realistically stay active on. Give insight into your blog post sharing why it’s valuable and relatable to the industry. Include a call-to-action with your blog link, telling members where they can go to access the full post.

5) Tweet Highlights from Your Post

This is an easy one. Using your social media management tool like Buffer or Hootsuite, take key pointers your audience would find useful and tweet them throughout the day. It’s okay to share the same blog link multiple times on Twitter, just use a different headline each time.

Hashtags are extremely relevant on Twitter so be sure to include 2-3 to attract new followers. 

6) Promote Using Facebook Ads

Pay for content promotion with Facebook Ads. It’s a simple way to effectively get your high-quality article in front of the right people. Even with a small budget of $5/day and by creating custom audiences, you can experience a surge in website traffic and boost in SEO ranking.

Also, Facebook retargeting is an excellent way to keep your content ad in front of those who’ve recently visited your website to encourage revisits.

To get the most from these campaigns, be sure that your blog is optimized for lead generation. You get more from your paid advertising by providing opportunities to grow your list.

7) Enlist Your List

Speaking of your list, don’t forget to publish a broadcast promoting your newly released blog post. Email subscribers are your biggest fans, being three times more likely to share your content on their social media networks than visitors from other marketing channels. They should be the first to know about your article.

Share your blog post and encourage them to pass it along to their networks. Use tools like ClicktoTweet that make it easy for subscribers to share your message from their email.


Even your best content can get buried if you don’t spend time promoting it. The desired goal of your blog post (whether to increase brand awareness, capture leads, or generate sales) depends entirely on your content promotion strategy. The more qualified eyeballs you have perusing your post, the more likely it is to achieve its intended objective.

Leverage this checklist with each blog article you publish to increase its exposure and help you accomplish your content marketing goals.

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Link360: Link360 is an Inbound Marketing Agency Located in Greenville, SC.  We specialize in generating leads for our clients through attracting visitors to their website, converting them into leads and closing them as customers.  If you have any questions, or would like your own free Inbound Marketing Analysis, please contact us now.

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