5 Reasons To Switch to Inbound Marketing

Just 10 or 15 years ago marketing was very different. The only way to reach customers was through ads, cold calls and door-to-door sales. But today, we have greater access to Internet, mobile devices, social media and search engines.

For those engaged in traditional marketing, this opened up a whole new place to reach people with their ads. But their strategies didn’t change because they switched to a digital platform. They continued with their pop-ups, disruption techniques and click bait rather than recognizing the true power of the Internet.

This was a space where they didn’t have to make customers feel like they were being hunted. Instead they could draw those customers in by creating an overwhelming gravitational force that draws customers in naturally and unobtrusively.


That’s what inbound is all about. Here are 5 reasons that it’s time to update your strategies to the 21st century and switch.

1) Consumers Aren’t Responding Like They Used to

With technology advancements, consumer behavior has notably changed.

According to Pew Research, 90% of consumers are now online. 77% have smart phones. 50% of their time online is spent engaging with branded content (a major part of inbound strategies).

On top of this, 62% of mobile users are now blocking online ads. And 80% of consumers say that they prefer inbound strategies. They don’t just say it. They show it through increased conversions, loyalty and CLV.

Chances are you’re not getting the same response from traditional that you once were. You could be getting a much higher return on your investment. It’s time to switch.

2) You’re Interested in a More Sustainable Marketing Strategy

You run an ad campaign. Hooray! Look at all the traffic. But your conversion rate is in the dumps. And as soon as you stop running the campaign, traffic stops.

Inbound marketing is a long term strategy that builds steam over time rather than losing it. Utilizing tools like SEO, SEM and Social media, you build a sustainable online presence that doesn’t just go away when you stop running your ads. It continues to pay you back with minimal but regular maintenance.

3) Your Cost Per Acquisition is Going Up, But Not Your Revenues

Have you noticed? Running ads is getting more and more expensive. But they’re not more effective. They’re less effective than they once were. Your margins are getting slimmer and slimmer.

Inbound marketing saves the average business $14/per acquired customer over traditional strategies. It’s time to switch.

4) Your Marketshare is Dwindling Due to New Players

New players entering the market are using inbound strategies to undermine your traditional marketing efforts. We’ll say one thing about Millenials. They know how to connect with people and generate buzz about their brand without those hard sales tactics.

Because inbound marketing doesn’t “look like” marketing, it’s less “noticable”. You may be slowly losing customers and not even realize it. But you can counter these covert operations by digital marketing in a way that customers love through inbound techniques.

5)  Low Quality Leads & Poor Conversion Rates

If you’ve been in business a while, you know the difference between leads and highly qualified leads. Qualified leads are ready to convert if you just put the right offer in front of them.

Inbound marketing is the ultimate way to generate highly qualified leads because it naturally draws in people who want what you have to offer and are ready to buy.

Invest in Inbound Marketing Strategies and Win

Inbound strategies generate more highly qualified leads with less. The strategies are sustainable because they attract customers who are ready to buy. Customers love inbound strategies. They make them feel like you get them. Through these strategies, you connect with customers and generate loyalty.

Free Checklist: How to Run and Inbound Marketing Campaign

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