7 Big Reasons to Repurpose Content with Your Inbound Marketing

Some of the top challenges businesses face in their inbound marketing include producing enough content variety and, lacking the time for pure content creation.

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In an age where 47% consumers engage in multiple pieces of content before contacting a company, having a strong content strategy is a key to appealing to today’s market. How can brands overcome these obstacles while producing quality-rich content?

The answer lies in repurposing content. By taking one piece of content and using it as a launching point for publishing other content formats, content repurposing is a highly effective technique for getting in front of your audience and driving engagement. You’ll increase visibility, expand your reach, and appeal to different preferences in your market.

Content repurposing is a top inbound marketing strategy that every marketing should implement. You’re simply working smarter and more efficiently in your marketing.

In fact, here are seven big reasons that your brand should embrace content repurposing in your inbound marketing.

1) Maximizes Your Content Marketing

You’ve invested precious times and resources into creating stellar content for your marketing strategy. Unfortunately, many brands just do not maximize their content to extend its life and get it in front of their audience. It goes to waste because it’s not fully leveraged to create optimal results from their efforts.

Content repurposing solves this problem by allowing you to get the most of out of your old and new content pieces. Rather than having to create new content, you can easily convert existing content into different formats, providing you with more content to share. You become incredibly efficient and effective as you continue to deliver incredible value to your audience.

2) Improves SEO

By nature, repurposing content gives you more content online, thus improving your SEO status. You have many opportunities to optimize these various content pieces to increase your visibility in search. Converting your blog content in an infographic positions it to show up in the image search results of Google. Your video can be optimized for SEO to rank for your longtail keyword on YouTube. The benefits abound when leveraging content repurposing for your SEO strategy.

3) Enriches Your Social Media Marketing

With 3 billion active social media users, an active presence on your social networks is mandatory to engaging today’s followers. Often, businesses struggle with creating a consistent social media strategy, which results in fickle posting times and sporadic engagement. However, you’ll never run out of valuable content to share with content repurposing. It simply keeps your followers coming back to your pages.

Instead of brainstorming on new content, you can continue sharing popular content that your audience enjoys. It’s OK to share the same content multiple times, just be sure to use a different headline so it doesn’t appear redundant.

Finally, from all the facts you collect from researching, you can leverage this opportunity to share useful content that offers education and information. “Did you know” posts, how-to’s, and statistics make for great social media posts.

4) Expands Your Reach and Influence

As you convert your content into various formats, you appeal to different audiences and their learning preferences. Although some may enjoy reading your blog content, others are likely to favor that same message on video or audio via your podcasts. You’re giving people selections on how they can consume your content…and they will appreciate you for it.

Additionally, some content types perform better on certain platforms than others. Facebook and Twitter, for example, drive massive traffic to blog content whereas Instagram doesn’t. However, if you were to share that same content on Instagram using Stories or repurpose it into a short video, you’ll create a better response.

Leveraging a variety of content types positions your brand to capitalize on a multitude of marketing channels, significantly expanding your reach and influence while successfully engaging your audience.

5) Bolsters Lead Conversions

Checklists, eBooks, and video series are excellent lead magnets that increase subscriber conversions. Rather than create these pieces from scratch, you can repurpose your popular or evergreen content into either format as your point offer. Consequently, you’ll bolster your lead generation strategy, helping to drive more qualified prospects to your sales funnel.

Webinars are another tactic that fosters leads. Each participant must register their name and email content before attending your broadcast. Hosting webinars by highlighting your popular or evergreen content is an excellent way to grow qualified leads.

Content repurposing is simply a better way of enhancing your content strategy to achieving measurable results from your marketing efforts.

6) Increases Brand Visibility

With content repurposing, you’ll appear to be everywhere. Repurposing allows you to get creative and maximize on underused tactics such as posing a question on Quora relating to your blog article or uploading your content on Medium, a blogging site boasting 60 million unique monthly readers. These and other techniques bring incredible exposure to your brand.

7) Cements Your Credibility

Content repurposing solidifies your authority and credibility in the industry. At the heart of inbound marketing lies sharing relevant information that solves problems, educates, and adds value. By consistently publishing content about your market’s needs and wants, you’ll continue to position your brand as a leader, which is a significant ingredient to building trust and getting people to do business with you.


Content repurposing is a top content marketing strategy that every marketer should be implementing. The benefits are too compelling to ignore.

Start by choosing your most popular and evergreen content and begin repurposing. Convert the post into a short video for YouTube, an infographic for social media, or audio to build your podcast channel. Consider posting your content to Medium or repurposing into slides for SlideShare.

As you remain steady in this approach, you’ll experience real growth in your social followers, website traffic, lead generation, and brand visibility.

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