The Value of Managing your Online Listings for Local SEO

Most people go online to search for local businesses to satisfy their needs. When these people seek solutions, online listings take on even greater importance. Those services that ensure their listings are current and accurate are treasured.

Valuable Business Online Listing Management (OLM) Features

Online listing management sources should offer the following features, at a minimum.

  • Include verified key contact information;
  • If possible, offer recommendations for preferred choices;
  • Review third-party listing databases for accuracy of data;
  • Business information and/or recommendations are relevant, current and based on factual foundations.
  • Offer additional useful features, such as
    • Website URLs,
    • Email addresses,
    • Specialties or specific services provided,
    • Available languages in addition to English,
    • Hours of operation and availability, and
    • Accreditations (board certified) and important affiliations.

Our OLM offers all of these–and more. Whether you seek a local business, Service Provider or new physician, our service focuses on positive rankings obtained from reliable sources. As an equally reliable, leading OLM organization, we also submit our data to multiple services, improving your brand.

Local Search Different From Generic Search

We have identified three key features that separate local from generic searches. These are valuable factors with people searching for healthcare solutions. While generic searches can be useful, these are seldom very valuable when you seek medical providers.

  • Relevance,
  • Prominence, and
  • Distance.

Relevance relates to the type of business you seek. When you want a new primary care physician, you only need to learn about top local PCPs. If you need a spine specialist and you live in New York, there is little value in downloading information on top spinal specialists in Phoenix.

Prominence involves displaying the highest rated businesses in your area, instead of everyone in the category with which you are researching. While it takes extra effort by the OLM organization, listing only the most well-respected businesses in the category you need is valuable to list users.

Distance factors involve listing those businesses located within your immediate vicinity. The closest listings to your physical location will display first.

Since Google permits Businesses to design and upload Google+ Local pages and listings, this and other databases can be efficient and easy ways to find the business or service provider you need or want. Using lists like these, you’ll also find credible reviews from multiple sources shedding light on the quality of service you should receive.

OLM allows businesses to review and evaluate their listings for accuracy and consistency of information. According to Yelp, 85% of consumers use the internet to find local businesses. Additionally, research by comScore says that address and location are the primary pieces of information sought by local searchers.

In our case, after verifying your listings, we also update, when necessary, and monitor your information no less than quarterly. Having current, accurate listings of local businesses is vital to the value of online listing management and visitors finding the services or products they want.

If we can help you get your Online Listings straight – please reach out to use today!

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