5 Competitive Ideas for Facebook Live

Facebook Live is proving to be a valuable tool for brands to genuinely connect with their followers. With one out of every 5 videos shared on the platform being live, businesses who strategically include Facebook Live in their social media marketing are leading the charge in driving engagement and people to their content. It’s simply a killer way to grow your presence and credibility fast on Facebook.

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You see, live broadcasts have a unique ability to capture attention and draw viewers to your content. There’s something special about engaging with someone in real-time, bringing a level of authenticity to your message. It radically builds the know, like, and trust factor which is a key ingredient to successful inbound marketing.

Finally, Facebook Live gives you a slight edge over the competition. Although big brands like Dunkin Donuts have fully embraced this tool to increase awareness, small businesses are still apprehensive towards including live social video in their strategy. Even by starting small with one Facebook Live video weekly, you’ll significantly improve your visibility, reach and influence.

In fact, we’ve gathered five compelling ideas to get you started with Facebook Live.


1. 5-Day Challenge Series

Okay, so we said start small but a 5 or 7-day challenge series could really jumpstart your Facebook Live efforts, helping to build momentum fast. Also, people enjoy a challenge series as it gives them something new to look forward to daily. They can digest your tips in bite-size pieces while moving closer to their goal. This is a great way to establish credibility and grow your audience quickly.

2. Host Live Q&A Sessions

Having the chance to interact with your viewers in the present moment is a huge advantage of Facebook Live for brands. Not only does it boosts engagement, you also get the opportunity to find out their most impressing questions and concerns…on the spot! Staying in tune with your market positions you to create content that appeals to their interests and products that continue to solve their problems.

Promote your live Q&A session event in advance to increase attendees. Be sure to document each inquiry to provide you with future topic ideas for your content marketing.

3. Show Your Process

How-to videos perform highly well on social media. By keeping them short and concise (lasting about 15-30 seconds), you can help your followers achieve a specific goal or complete a task. Therefore, show the most basic steps so people can easily follow. The good news is, you can repurpose these videos into your blog post, a video series, or upload them to YouTube to grow your content vault and exposure.

4. Share Your Wins…and Losses

Being transparent makes you relatable. People connect through stories and it’s one of the most powerful ways to win over your intended audience. Using live video to highlight your wins and losses is a sure tactic to building trust. You see, by sharing how you failed forward to success through storytelling, others will be inspired to take action. People are more apt to remember your message because it elicited a positive, emotional response, helping you standout from the pack.

5. Do a Live Training

Third-party tools like Zoom allows you to turn your Facebook Live platform into a webinar style training! Users are able to view your webinar right on their newsfeeds, whether using your Facebook Business Page or Group. This is a premier way to deliver immense value and delve deep into related topics that resonate with your followers. You can also reuse these webinars as lead magnets or email content to feed to your subscribers. It’s a win-win!


Facebook Live should be an active tool in your social media marketing strategy. The benefits of growing your audience, increasing brand awareness and driving engagement are too compelling to ignore. Commit to implementing Live into your Facebook marketing to give your brand the competitive edge.

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Link360: Link360 is an Inbound Marketing Agency Located in Greenville, SC.  We specialize in generating leads for our clients through attracting visitors to their website, converting them into leads and closing them as customers.  If you have any questions, or would like your own free Inbound Marketing Analysis, please contact us now.

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