How to Use Video to Increase Your Social Media Engagement

Did you know video posts on Facebook have a 135% greater organic reach than photo posts (Source: Social Media Today). Since more people are engaging with videos to discover and connect with brands, they’re perfect tools for building awareness and expanding your reach. In 2018, it’s vital you position your business to capitalize on this movement and give your audience more of what they want.

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Adding video to your social media marketing helps build trust quickly. They’re authentic in nature because people are able to experience the human behind the brand name. You’re also providing alternate ways for your followers to digest your message. Consequently, you’ll find more fans interacting with your video content, generating favorable business outcomes from your inbound marketing.

Here are four different ways to incorporate video into your social media marketing and create better experiences for your followers.

Go Live

Social users are spending three times longer watching live video versus ones that have already been recorded. Facebook Live and Instagram Stories are successfully capturing attention from newsfeeds, drawing followers into their content. Live social videos create a sense of urgency, as viewers know they will not be able to access the content “live” a second time.

Use these tools to your advantage. Host live Q&A sessions where you give followers a chance to ask a question and receive a prompt response. Take viewers behind-the-scenes into your office culture or live company event. Be the first to report trending news in your industry by sharing it live. The ideas are endless to fostering engagement while honing relationships with your followers.

Post Short Instructional Videos

Instructional videos are highly useful for fans, as it helps them solve an immediate problem or achieve a specific result. How-to’s and product demonstration videos are ideal for showing viewers step-by-step instructions that make it easy for understanding.

Since shorter videos perform better on social media, only include the most basic steps of the process in the video. When editing, speed up your video so it only lasts about 30 seconds. These snippets can be product-related or simply something relevant to your niche for your audience.

Spotlight Fan Content

An amazing 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. Positive testimonials and reviews are excellent ways to build trust with prospects who are new to discovering your brand. People want to know if your products or services work. Sharing others experiences with your brand is an excellent way to show it.

Therefore, your fans’ content can be leveraged as a form of online review. By collecting user-generated content, you can compile them into one compelling video or multiple ones to grow your content. Be sure to credit the users by mentioning them in your post. This is a great way to show social proof and add value to your strategy.

Answer FAQs

Another way to use video to enhance your social media marketing is by addressing common questions that are often asked in your industry. The goal of your inbound marketing is to position your brand as an authority and resource. Sharing useful content bolsters your thought-leadership and brings value to your follower’s news feeds.

Therefore, post videos that highlight one question with an in-depth response. Since many social users are leveraging search as a way to connect and discover new brands, be sure to include keywords or hashtags your audience is using in the search. Whereas hashtags perform well on Instagram and Twitter, keywords are the preferred choice on Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest.


The numbers prove that people enjoy videos on social media. Its popularity has caused brands to revamp their strategy to cater to the demands of today’s consumer. Don’t get left behind. Implement these tips to augment your social media marketing with video and attract people to your content.

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