How to Overcome the Challenges of Finding the Right Marketing Pro

The importance of marketing your business is difficult to overstate. To effective attract and grow your customer base, you need to both develop a positive brand image and promote that brand image to a relevant audience.


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At the same time, knowing where to start this process can be difficult. You might already have a basic marketing strategy in place, or you are just beginning to strategically grow your business through marketing. Either way, you need to place the process in the hands of a capable professional who understands all aspects of marketing well enough to lead your branding and promotional efforts.

That, in turn, leads to a common challenge businesses of all sizes face: how do you find the right marketing person for your needs? Finding and hiring the best professional for the job can be time consuming, to say the least. Fortunately, you can overcome the problem through a strategic hiring person, along with targeted outsourcing efforts.

1) Specify Your Marketing Needs

The first step to take is understanding exactly what your current needs are. Marketing is a wide-ranging field, and can include anything from content development to market research. General branding requires a very different set of skills than managing customer service on social media.

If you don’t start with this step, you risk wasting time weeding through candidates that simply aren’t qualified. Narrow down your specific needs first, and the time you save in your search for a qualified professional can be significant.

2) Build a Targeted Search

Based on your defined and narrow needs, it’s time to build a targeted search. That includes a comprehensive job description, which doesn’t just outline all potential duties and responsibilities but also highlights your work life, expectations, and corporate culture.

According to some studies, 89 percent of new hires who fail do so because of poor cultural fit. A talent search that does not account for this aspect could lead to a bad hire, which wastes even more time than trying to find a new marketing person to begin with.

3) Leverage Online Resources

In conducting your search, it also makes sense to take advantage of increasingly available online resources in order to weed out bad candidates and attract good ones. For instance, posting your job on LinkedIn helps to match individuals with a related skillset.

Google and Facebook searches, when deemed ethical in the hiring process, can quickly give you valuable information about potential hires. You might not want to interview a seemingly fitting candidate for your social media position, if their profile picture includes a keg stand. By leveraging available (and public) online resources, you can save significant time in finding the right person for the job.

4) Engage Existing Marketing Stakeholders

Even if you’re hiring the first marketing professional within your company, you likely have entities already engaged in the concept. Your sales team, customer service, and anyone working with external stakeholders takes at least some part in the marketing effort for your business.

Engaging these entities in the search process can become a vital time saver. Distributing evaluation of candidates among multiple people reduces the workload required on each, while also improving the likelihood of actually picking qualified candidates.

5) Outsource Strategy and Content Development

The four above steps can help save you valuable time in finding the right marketing professional for your business. And yet, it still takes an average of 43 days to hire a marketing person. To mitigate some of that lost time, and further optimize your efforts, outsourcing should be a serious consideration.

When it comes to marketing, you can outsource the work required in multiple ways. One option is partnering with an agency who can help you accomplish very specific goals, such as content development and ad placement. In this option, the hiring process becomes less urgent, and no gaps will be left before the position is filled – but that position is still very much necessary.

The other option is to outsource the entirety of your marketing efforts. In this scenario, you leverage the expertise of an agency and forego your need for a marketing person, at the price of internal control and expertise. The result is a more comprehensive marketing strategy, built by experts you trust to promote your business and grow your brand.

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