How to Increase the CTR on your Landing Page

Increasing the click-through rate or CTR on landing pages can help guarantee that people stay on your site longer, view content, products, and advertisements that you may be promoting. When you set up a landing page on your website, you want it to be a page that visitors will want to go to. This means that they’ll come to the landing page and from there navigate to different areas of the site. The percentage of people that do that, start on the landing page and go to a different area on your site, increase your click-through rate. Let’s take a closer look ways in which you can increase that percentage and thus help grow the popularity and effectiveness of your website.


Simplify the Landing Page

The landing page of any website needs to be simplistic, easy to navigate. The first step to improving click-through rate or CTR is to clean up your landing page as best as possible. Replace information that is excessively wordy with shorter descriptions. If you have a lot of technical jargon on it, trim it down to a form that can be understood by someone who may be reading it for the first time. Simplifying the landing page will make the whole website that much more inviting to visitors.

Focus on Ease of Navigation

The next step to improving click-through rate is to see how intuitive it is to actually follow links on your site. If the goal is to get your visitors to a product page to make a purchase, go through the process in which they would do this. Start on the landing page and see how intuitive it is to get attracted to certain areas or links on the page and complete the actual sale. In the event that you come across excessive links to navigate through or pages are taking too long to load, try and clean things up. Ease of navigation will ensure click-through rate improves.

Use Easy to Find Buttons

It should be simple for users to find things on the landing page to click on. Rather than burying links in text to direct users to different pages, set up a layout that makes it easier to find these links. This easiest way to do this is by placing buttons in areas of the landing page that stick out the most. This would likely likely be a top banner or something of that nature. Having buttons that can direct visitors to different pages of interest will help them stand out and catch the attention of that user. If you have to scroll down a page just to find a button, you may close the page before you even travel down far enough to find it.

Improving click-through rate or CTR on landing pages is all about making the end-user experience a positive one. Make the landing page simple so that it can be understood by anyone. Present information in a manner that is detailed, yet not overly wordy. Simplifying the navigation process and using buttons that are creatively placed to garner attention will further help you improve upon that click-through rate percentage. You as a user only have so much time in your day to spend online. When you end up a landing page and follow it through to other pages on a site, you are doing so because it is intuitive, easy, and is set up in a way that draws you in. Creatively constructing landing pages can help achieve this type of great user interaction.

For more information on how to set up your landing page, please contact us today!

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