How To Get Started With SEO For Your Business

One of the primary ways that people learn information these days is through search engines. Whenever we need to know something, our first thought is to pull out our phones, or log on to our computers, and look it up. No matter what your business is, you want to be the answer to someone’s question. Whether you’re a pizzeria and the question is “Where can I get pizza near me” or a graphic designer and the question is “How do I get a logo for my business?”, or anything else, you want to be at the top of the search results. The higher you rank in search results related to your business, the more likely it is that someone will then visit your site, learn more about you, and become a customer.

If you haven’t heard of Search Engine Optimization before, it is essentially the methods used to make your website more search engine friendly, and to appear higher in the results. There are 3 main things that you need to do in order to get started.

Search Engine Optimization | Link360

Keyword Research

First, you need to conduct some keyword research. Keywords are the words or phrases people search for, and also relate to your business. So if you’re a graphic designer, one of your keywords might be “graphic designer for business logos”. Ideally your keywords are something that people search for often, but that a lot of other companies are not also going after. If you try to rank highly for just “graphic designer”, you’ll find that you have a lot of competition.

To get started with keyword research, here are some free tools that you can use. Try to come up with a list of at least 10-15 keywords that describe your site, have a relatively high search volume, and a low competition. This may take some time, so don’t get frustrated if your first few attempts are unsuccessful.

On-Site Optimization

With your keywords list complete, now you can move on to optimizing your website. There are a few simple ways to do this, and often a small change can lead to big results. For starters, you want to optimize the Title Tags to include your keywords. The Title Tags are the piece of text that appears as the title of your page in search engines, or at the top of the page inside the browser. Choose the keyword that you think best describes your website from your list, and use this on your homepage. Ideally you want to optimize each page of your website for its own keyword. For more on optimizing title tags, check out this article.

While you’re doing your title tags, you want to do the same thing for your images. All images can have Alt Tags – or the text that appears when you hover your mouse over the image. These Alt Tags should also include the keyword, so go through and include them on all of your images.

Off-Site Optimization

Next, there are things you can do away from your website to help improve its search rankings. To begin, make sure you are including your keywords within your social media accounts. Next, you want to start gathering links that point back to your website. Search engines like Google like to see other website’s referencing your own, and so the more sites that link back to you, the better. This could be from a business directory listing, or through an article you write for another publication.

When gathering links to your site, you want to try to get contextual links. For instance, ideally you want a link pointing back to your website that has the text “Graphic designer for business logos”, as this contains your keyword. If you can’t get a contextual link, then a simple link with your websites name will be fine.

For more on developing a link building strategy, you can read this guide.

Search Engine Optimization Is Easy To Start

If your website is not optimized for search engines, you are missing out on a potentially large amount of traffic. You don’t have to do a lot to get started, and once you do, you may find that the results were well worth your time investment. Hopefully this guide sets you on the right path, and you’re able to raise your website up in the search rankings.


Link360: Link360 is an Inbound Marketing Agency Located in Greenville, SC.  We specialize in generating leads for our clients through attracting visitors to their website, converting them into leads and closing them as customers.  If you have any questions, or would like your own free Inbound Marketing Analysis, please contact us now.

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