How to Better Advertise Your Business on Facebook in 2018

Officially hitting 2 billion users, Facebook is by far a top social platform to promote your business. As we approach 2018, honing your marketing strategy can position you to truly capitalize on the benefits of advertising your business on Facebook. As the largest, most active social media network, it’s crucial to get in gear now to create better results tomorrow.

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In this step-by-step guide, we’ll highlight organic and paid approaches to better advertise your business on Facebook to increase traffic to your website, foster lead generation, and boost engagement.

Optimize Your Profile

Your Facebook Business Page is where all the magic happens with advertising your business. Not only does it provide a platform for followers to discover and engage with your brand, but it gives you the ability to promote using paid advertising (more on this later). In many cases, it gives the first impression of your business. It’s important that it’s a great one!

Step #1 Fully Complete Your Profile

Be sure your contact info, location, and description are completely filled to give new followers a true sense of your business. Tailor the message so it speaks to your audience, sharing how you help solve their problems and what gives you the slight edge in your industry.

Also, include keyword phrases that your market is actively searching for. Facebook has powerful search capabilities that can direct new followers to your profile based on keywords and location.

If you’re just getting started, here are the steps to building your first Facebook Business Page for success!

Step #2 Use a Landing Page Link

Including your website link is a good idea, but adding a link that directs to a landing page is even better. You see, the ultimate goal is to convert your followers into leads. Building your list is the lifeblood of your business. By including a landing page link, you provide more opportunities to capture qualified prospects into your funnel that will ultimately grow your business.

The key is presenting a killer content offer that would resonate with your Facebook followers.

Step #3 Encourage Facebook Reviews

Did you know 84% of people trust online reviews as much as friends (Source: Inc.)? Additionally, you can link your Facebook reviews to your Google Business. Therefore, encouraging reviews from customers on your Facebook page is an excellent way to promote your brand. Consumers are also willing to share reviews but may need a nudging to do so.

In your email follow-up, simply ask recent customers to give their experiences on Facebook by providing the link to your reviews page. Offer a discount to show your appreciation and prompt more participation.

Write Engaging Messages

At the core of inbound marketing is sharing quality-rich content that offers solutions, inspiration, and education. Your Facebook posts must align with your overall business objectives while offering messages that are useful and engaging to your followers. The better you are at writing posts that resonate and connect with your ideal customer, the more effective your Facebook strategy will be at driving traffic and increasing organic reach.

You see, Facebook rewards you with greater reach when your posts are generating engagement. This is why every message you post is important. Posting mediocre content that creates minimal or OK responses will hurt your visibility for your next post.

With that said, here are a few ways of writing engaging messages when advertising your business or content on Facebook:

Step #4 Promote Using Killer Facebook Posts

  • Ask questions, particularly close-ended ones to get more clickthroughs on your links
  • Share the benefits followers will gain from your blog post or lead offer. People what to know “what’s in it for me?” Highlight the key benefit to boost engagement
  • Give a sound bite by posting a sentence, subheadline or statement from your copy that’s profound and useful
  • Share eye-catching visuals like GIFs, videos, multi-image posts, and title graphics. Many social users share content because it’s entertaining and elicits an emotional response. Keep this in mind when creating your headline
  • Use tools like CoSchedule’s Social Message Optimizer to help you write better posts over time

Promote Content Offers with Paid Ads

A huge advantage of social media marketing is the ability to create customized and targeted ad campaigns to reach your ideal customer.

The beauty of building custom audiences on Facebook is you can filter with multiple demographics, location, and even interests or behaviors. With this customized reach and strategic placement, promoting your business using paid advertising makes it a great source to bolster traffic and lead generation.

Step #5 Use Facebook Pixel for Retargeting

A highly useful tool for paid advertising here is Facebook Pixel. Installing the pixel allows your ad content to follow users and gauge how well your ads are performing.  You’ll be able to analyze conversion rates and build custom audiences centered on your unique website traffic. So, you will know exactly who to focus on in your target market, helping you to create better results from your Facebook marketing.

Consequently, retargeting will drive more eyeballs to your landing pages, grow your followers and boost your sales. Any brand can start a campaign with any size budget and begin to refine their strategy for optimal results.


Using the steps in this guide will help you improve your advertising strategy on Facebook. The key is to share content your audience loves, test and analyze your efforts, remain consistent, and of course, be social. In due time, you’ll experience better engagement from your followers and killer traffic generation.

Much success.

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Link360: Link360 is an Inbound Marketing Agency Located in Greenville, SC.  We specialize in generating leads for our clients through attracting visitors to their website, converting them into leads and closing them as customers.  If you have any questions, or would like your own free Inbound Marketing Analysis, please contact us now.

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