Good Website Development is Critical to your Online Success

Good website design and development are critical to your online success. Not only does your website have to look good, it has to perform well and be user-friendly. Website design should embrace all of the right aesthetics, including typography, colors and images. Just like your home, all of its elements need to have a logical place, so visitors can easily find what they’re looking for. The navigation should be consistent and apparent. It all comes down to organization and purpose. You’ve got only seconds to make a good impression and keep visitors on your site. The site’s visual presence needs to have a visual spark to catch user’s eyes. The Internet is a visual medium, and photos galleries, YouTube videos, slideshows and professional photos add spark. There are a lot of elements that create a good website design, and each element plays a role in putting it all together.


While some folks lump website design and development together, the two have different functions. With website development, the website is taken and built into a fully functioning website. Developers take that design and break it up into its components. The design of a website is a non-interactive picture of a site, while website development is what actually makes the site work. With website development, you can connect and communicate effectively with visitors and increase reach, traffic and visibility.

Today, a strong digital presence is needed for online success. The key to upgrading your digital presence is having a responsive web design. A responsive web design provides optimal viewing and an interaction experience across a wide range of devices, including mobile phones, desktop computers and tablets. Without a responsive web design, you’re getting left behind. More folks now use their cell phones and tablets more than home computers to search online. As a matter of fact, 86 percent of smartphone users use their smartphones to search the web from both home and away from home. Responsive website designs use fluid, proportion-based grids and flexible images to ensure the site is optimized.

At Link360, we offer website design, responsive design and web development. We manage your digital presence through visibility, reputation and online engagement strategies. Our responsive website designs offer fast loading page view, attract more leads, drive more traffic to your business, enhance viewer engagement and enhance the ability of search engines to index and crawl your site. Our responsive website designs include the following features:

  • Text and color elements of your website that accommodate small screens
  • Efficient display of images and content convenient for mobile viewing
  • A user interface that is perfect to the screen sized used by potential customers

At Link360, we can advise you of the best website design and development that your business needs for better optimization of converting your leads to profits. Turn to the experts at Link360 for your website design and development needs.


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