Dental Social Media: Getting People to Talk About Teeth

Dentists are a notoriously friendly bunch. Always smiling and talking about smiles. They send holiday cards, are great with children, and work hard to put nervous patients at ease. So why then do so few dentists make a splash on social media where friendliness is key? The fact of the matter is that it’s simply a little challenging to get people excited to talk about teeth, and discussion is at the heart of social media marketing. The successful brands that are hits in the online social communities can start lively conversations at the drop of a hat simply by throwing out a discussion topic their audience is sure to enjoy.

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So how does a dental practice build a lively social media following made of more than just the few people on the internet who are inherently excited about teeth? Since you can’t count on your audience to natively find teeth and dental practices entertaining, the key is to bring the fun to the discussion. While there are many approaches to dental social media marketing, here’s a complete recipe that’s sure to spur at least a few engaging conversations and start building your online community.

Start With A Steady Stream of Fun Dental Facts and Jokes

The Molar BearEvery social media campaign starts slow and it’s important to have a plan for when there’s no one around to start a lively discussion with. For these moments, your goal is inbound marketing through entertainment. Many successful social media campaigns get started by building a reputation for hilarious one-off posts in jokes and pictures. This is a great tactic to start with so we suggest you build up a significant collection of tooth jokes, interesting dental facts, and amusing images relating to teeth. The more you can surprise and amuse random people who see your activity, the faster a curious community will start to grow.

Keep building the joke list and post a few a week even when your community grows. Everyone loves a tooth joke!

Dental FAQ Leads to Dental Q&A

While you may get a few comments and laughs from your dental jokes, if you want to start building conversations, FAQs and answers are one of your best approaches. For many people, they only really think about there teeth when they have a question like why their teeth have started hurting in response to sugar or if a wisdom tooth is coming in. Start sharing FAQ answers in text and even fun social video form and traffic will start coming your way. Follow this up by welcoming questions and doing your best to answer even the silly ones. This will invite more serious questions and begin building your reputation as an online dental expert who can be trusted both as a social media presence and in-person as with your patients.

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Give the Dentist’s Perspective on Trending Topics

Another interesting approach, and a way to bring your social media efforts to the masses instead of trying to draw them to you, is commenting on current trends and hot topics. Many businesses use tactics like discussing a trending hashtag in order to boost their own marketing results and you have a unique opportunity to use this marketing online

No one will expect a dentist to jump in and comment on how a trend is affecting teeth, and because of this surprise, you will gain additional attention. Comment on fad diets that may be bad for your teeth, talk about how people in current disasters need toothbrushes, or about what it really takes to get ‘celebrity perfect’ teeth. Get creative with trends and offer a fun and interesting dentist perspective on each of them. By marketing yourself on social media, you get the opporunity to be seen by more people than ever before possible.

Marketing your dental practice in the modern day is all about connecting with the audience. Appeal to their sense of humor, answer their tooth concerns, and talk about subjects they care about. This shows that you’re not aloof in your “ivory tower” (pun intended), but instead are a dentist for the people. Wherever those people might be and whatever they’re talking about today.

For more tips, tricks, and techniques for marketing your dental practice in the digital world, contact us today! Our experienced marketing team here at Link360 is ready to build a unique marketing campaign for your dental practice or lend a hand perfecting your current campaign.


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