Top 4 Email Marketing Tips and Tricks for Dental Practices

We can agree that email marketing for your dental practice plays a big role in staying connected with patients, fostering relationships, and helping them keep their appointments every 6 months.

Yet, many marketers fail to fully exercise the potential of email marketing. Simply sending out an occasional email is not an effective strategy if you desire to increase your revenue and retention. It’s important your email marketing continues to nurture your recipients and aligns with your ultimate business goals.

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The good news is, email marketing for your dental practice doesn’t have to be a daunting task and is a great way to engage your existing and prospective patients. Here are four tips and tricks to bolster your email campaigns for your dental marketing.

4 Best Email Marketing Tips for Dental Practices

1. Focus on Offering Value

Your email subscribers are actually waiting to hear from you. Based on a survey from Adobe, 40% of respondents say they want to see emails from brands that are more informative and less promotional. So, this is your opportunity to position your dental practice as an authority as well as maintain relationships with existing and prospective patients.

With that said, focus on sharing quality content that your patients will love. Consider the common problems people experience with their dental hygiene. Or, think of FAQs that are often asked during appointments. These are excellent topics to focus on in your email marketing. You could either share them in a mini-blog post (recommended) or give the tip right in the email message.

Create a consistent schedule where you’re sending these emails every week on the same day. This creates expectancy and will help increase your open-rates and engagement.

2. Create a Welcome Series

A welcome email is a perfect way to start a relationship with your new lead or customer. In fact, welcome emails have on average 4 times the open rate and 5 times the click-through rate of a standard email marketing campaign (Source: Wordstream).

Also, people who tend to engage in your welcome emails are more likely to continue opening your content. So the benefits of creating one are too compelling to ignore.

Take it a step further and craft a welcome series. By sending a total of 3 or 5 emails that each builds upon each other, you’re separating yourself from other email campaigns that typically focus on one welcome email. Ideas include sharing your story, why your dental team is so passionate about the audience they serve, and how recipients can solve an immediate problem pertaining to their dental health.

3. Add Video Content

Video is all the rave. More consumers desire to watch video content than read a blog post or social media message. Adding them to your email marketing for your dental practice can generate even more profound results. Simply saying the word “video” in your subject line can drive more users to open your email.

Therefore, couple your video strategy with your email marketing. Depending on your email software, you can embed the video into your message or include the image of the video but links to YouTube. Be sure to keep your video short and concise, about 1-2 minutes focusing on only one topic/key point.

By implementing video in your marketing, you’ll give your patients more of what they want…another reason for them to stay connected to your practice.

4. Make Your Subject Line Engaging

The subject line is the first thing your recipient sees and determines whether or not they will open your message. Make it interesting! You’ve spent time creating email content that is high-quality, speaks to your audience, and solves a problem. You want people to read it, so have a subject line that is equally engaging.

Here are a few tips for creating a catchy subject line:

  • Keep mobile readers in mind by keeping your subject line short
  • Add descriptive words to give it life and zest
  • Numbers (i.e. Top 5 Reasons…) and questions are great subject lines that drive engagement
  • Use a tool like CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer that will help you craft better subject lines over time

Use these Email Marketing Tips to Better Your Dental Marketing

Your email marketing is a key component of your dental marketing. By nurturing your subscribers, you continue to keep your dental practice in the forefront, build relationships, and grow your business. Leverage these tips to your advantage. With consistency, you’ll experience an increase in email engagement and customer retention.

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