Building Your Google My Business Listing for Online Reviews

Every time someone wants to visit a new Dental Practice or learn more about their dentist, they search for it on Google. If they’re already on the road or plan to be shortly, they skip the usual research into websites and go straight to a Google Maps search. Here, nothing matters more than your Google Dental Practice listing.  

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For Google Maps, it is extremely important to present your practice well so that potential clients can easily find you. A dental practice without reviews is practically invisible. While there are dozens of ways to encourage customers to leave positive reviews, perhaps your most clean and effective method is through the Google listing itself, the first and last place your customers will look when navigating with their phones.

Friendly and Informative Description

The first step to any business listing is to write a friendly, positive, and complete description of your practice, describing your staff and building, along with a brief summary of your services. While accurate and complete information is important to helping your potential customers find what they need in your venue, it’s the tone of your description that really matters. Make sure your words are friendly, even enthusiastic both about your own products and to invite customers warmly into your venue for superb service.

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!

If there’s one thing that catches the happy female dental patienteye helps clients make a decision on where to go, it is big, beautiful pictures. Pictures not only look attractive, but help prospective patients remember your site long after viewing. You’ll want at least one banner photo that highlights all the best things about your practice. If you have a welcoming wiating and examintation room, take a picture that fills the frame with how lovely they are. If you offer special features, show a happy client who has recived that procedure. Pictures of smiling clients with pearly whites will encrouage online searchers to find out more about your practice and the fantasic services you offer. You want to present your practice as the best place to get amazing dental work in the area, and including photos of proud staff members and happy clients will make prospective new clients feel as though your practice is the right choice.

Respond to Existing and New Reviews

like iconIf you get even one review to start with, the best way to get more is to reward your reviewers with considerate and friendly responses. Every time someone reviews your business, at least for the first 100, make sure to thank them for reviewing, answer any questions, and use the reviewing platform to address any customer service issues. Don’t sweat negative reviews, even these, if you respond to them the right way, can show that you are a conscientious practice and you might even be able to turn the reviews around.

Encourage Reviews with Enthusiasm

Finally, the best way to get reviews is to let customers know you want them but don’t need them. Instead, take the attitude that reviews are your favorite thing ever. Your goal should be encouraging your customers in a way that makes them want to tell everyone about your practice and your amazing services. Rather than asking for reviews which puts pressure on the customers to do you a favor, go with statements like “We love reviews and are always happy to see a new one!” This shares your enthusiasm, brings a smile to customer faces, and makes them feel like they can spread a little joy to both your venue and future customers by sharing their experience online. With just a little bit of excitement about reviews in your business description, you make leaving a review something fun to do instead of an obligation.


Google reviews in the modern world aregoogle my business incredibly important, but you’re much more likely to get them if you stay light-hearted and positive about the whole affair. Share your joy in getting a review, thank clients for reviewing with equal enthusiasm, and more reviews will roll in as future clients want to join the shared positive experience.

If you’d like more information about how to improve and build your business reviews or a more personal consultation on the right review strategy for your business, contact Link360 today!


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