3 Best Social Media Marketing Practices for 2018

With over 3 billion global users, having a solid presence on social media is a must in 2018. Many consumers are using their social networks to find, connect, and engage with their favorite brands online. Your social strategy is a key ingredient to staying relevant and effective with influencing today’s customer.

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Yet, social media is becoming an increasingly crowded space. Marketers are constantly competing for their audience’s attention in newsfeeds. Finding ways to standout and be noticed is a common challenge experienced amongst businesses.

The key is implementing best practices that give you the upper hand in your social media marketing. Whether you’re a startup brand looking to establish your footing in the industry or a business seeking to improve your social presence, here are three tactics to help bolster your social strategy and successfully engage your followers.

#1 Promote Content Multiple Times

The majority of brands fail to promote their content multiple times on social media to increase awareness. With the shelf-life of your social posts being relatively short considering the steady flow of content being shared, promoting your content more than once is key to boosting visibility.

It’s important to change the headline each time so it doesn’t appear redundant or spammy. You can do this by creating 10-15 different headlines for your one content piece. Examples include taking quotes from your article, sharing valuable nuggets your followers would find useful, or offering key benefits from your content.

The big advantage is that you’re maximizing your content and getting the most from it. This increases opportunities for clicks, traffic to your blog posts and website, and engagement.

#2 Adhere to Posting Frequency for Optimal Results

Each social media network has a different posting frequency that works well for that specific platform. For example, since Twitter is fast-paced and each tweet only lasts for a few minutes, it’s crucial to tweet consistently throughout the day to hit your audience at different times while remaining active on this platform.

Likewise, you could be over-posting on other platforms that could be hurting your organic reach. On Facebook and Instagram, for example, the key is quality, not quantity. If you post mediocre content, your future posts will suffer. However, if you share amazing content that elicits comments, likes, and shares, these networks will honor your next post with greater reach.

With that prefaced, here is a guide offering the recommended posting frequencies for each social network based on a recent study from CoSchedule:

  • Facebook – 2 posts daily
  • Instagram – 1-2 posts daily
  • Twitter – 15 tweets daily
  • LinkedIn – 1 post daily
  • Pinterest – 11 pins daily (at least 9 are repins)
  • Google+ – 2 posts daily

#3 Visuals, Visuals…and More Visual!

We can agree that visuals are the currency on social media. Many studies show that adding images or videos to your posts dramatically increases engagement with your followers. To capture attention, they must be eye-catching and super relevant to be effective.

The following are proven visual types that perform extremely well on social media…and should be actively at work in your content strategy:

  • Infographics are shared 3 times more than any other content type on social media (Source: Hubspot). These highly-detailed visual pieces are perfect for digesting chunks of information on social. Easily create your own using Canva or Infogr.am for better visibility
  • Videos are top content pieces that successfully captures attention on any social network. They quickly build the know, like and trust factor with followers and move viewers to action. Every brand should be leveraging social videos in their marketing to get in front of their market, increase brand awareness and drive traffic to their webpages.
  • GIFs are perfect on Facebook and Instagram where humorous content is more acceptable and appropriate. Half of the people on social share content because it’s entertaining and creates an emotional experience. They’re also great for humanizing your brand, making you more relatable
  • Image quotes continue to do well on social. To standout, provide insight as to why the message is important to you. How does it relate to your core vision or values of your business? Adding this personal touch gives meaning to the quote and offers another way for people to connect with your brand

BONUS: Engaging Content is a Must!

At the heart of inbound marketing is sharing content that educates, solves problems, informs and inspires. Positioning your brand as a solution provider and valuable source in the industry attracts followers to your content. Inbound is the preferred way for customers to discover more about your business…and social media is the ideal channel for your strategy.

Engage your audience by posting messages that relate to their needs, wants, and desires. Always be providing value they can use. Not only does this keep people coming back to your pages, it also signals to the social platform that followers are enjoying your posts…blessing you with greater reach and visibility and hopefully generating some leads for you.

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Link360: Link360 is an Inbound Marketing Agency Located in Greenville, SC.  We specialize in generating leads for our clients through attracting visitors to their website, converting them into leads and closing them as customers.  If you have any questions, or would like your own free Inbound Marketing Analysis, please contact us now

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