5 Attractive Facebook Marketing Posts that Boosts Engagement

Facebook has become a way for consumers to connect and engage with their favorite brands while staying up-to-date in industry-related news. Maintaining an active presence is crucial if you desire to reach new and existing followers. Keeping your pages fresh with content that resonates with your consumers will be a key ingredient to meeting your Facebook marketing goals.

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If you’re looking for Facebook post ideas to boost engagement or want to add variety to your current strategy, here are five suggestions to get your creative juices flowing.

1) Infographics

According to Hubspot, infographics are shared the most on social media than any other type of content. These visuals are highly useful for helping people understand detailed-oriented content in an illustrative format. It’s an excellent asset to your Facebook marketing for giving value and increasing brand awareness.

Infographics are also huge assets to your overall inbound marketing strategy. They perform especially well on Pinterest, can be used as a separate blog post for your content marketing, and is an excellent content form to share with your email list. You simply cannot go wrong by ramping up your infographics.

Start by repurposing your popular blog content into an infographic. You can create one using Canva or hire a designer on Fiverr.

2) Customer Testimonials

Posting positive reviews and customer testimonials is a quick way to build trust with new followers and boost your credibility. Others’ experiences prove that what you’re doing is working. Prospects will feel confident in their decision of doing business with you because of your customers’ satisfaction.

Repost any user-generated content that highlights your brand or products. Tag your customer to give recognition for posting their experience. The more posts you have of customers sharing their testimonials, the more trust you’ll gain from new followers and those on the fence.

3) How-to Videos

Sixty-four percent of users are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video than by reading text alone. Posting how-to videos capture attention and move viewers to action, thereby fostering engagement from your audience. You’re helping them achieve a specific goal that will position you as an expert in the industry.

Use these content types of your advantage. Show your followers how to solve common problems they experience through video.

4) Highlight Team Members

Facebook marketing allows followers to get to know your company and culture. It’s great for humanizing your brand and inviting people into your world.

A great way to make users feel like a part of your brand is by highlighting your team members on social. Put faces to your company by recognizing the employee of the month, the top sales rep, or a team member’s birthday. Acknowledge those who’ve made huge contributions to the team or their community through their work ethic and involvement.

Not only does this boost morale internally, but it also adds authenticity to your content, making you highly relatable.

5) Curate Content

Content curation is a smart way to maintain your Facebook Business Page with resourceful content. By collecting, organizing and sharing the best content in your industry, you’ll solidify your brand as a reliable resource. Publishing others’ content reveals you have your consumers’ best interest in mind, giving them the top content in your field even if it’s not originally from your company.

Several social media management tools like Buffer have a built-in social curation tool that allows you to gather and share posts from your favorite sites, which helps keep your page fresh with content and saves you time in your content marketing strategy.


Engagement from your Facebook marketing promotes traffic to your sites, lead generation, improved sales and brand loyalty. It’s important to keep your followers engaged to reach your overall social media marketing goals. These posts offer variety and give people a reason to continue checking out your Facebook page.

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