A 7 Step Guide to LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn doesn’t always seem like a place to market or for advertising. However, it may be one of the most powerful tools for reaching your audience. It’s most definitely a social media platform for those who want to gather ideas, network, and build up connections, but it also has a powerful advertising tool available to businesses. In particular, it’s ideal for B2B companies. Here’s a look at how to lay the groundwork for building a successful LinkedIn advertising campaign and to launch your LinkedIn marketing efforts.

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1. Create Your Target Audience

The first step is always to know who you will advertise to on LinkedIn. Business-to-business marketing is a good fit overall. The website’s ads are seen by anyone that is on the site itself. They are also seen on the company’s partner sites. These sites are called the company’s LinkedIn Audience Network, most of which are media sites such as the New York Times and CNBC. Knowing this determines who your target audience is:

  • Target companies by size
  • Employees or leaders by title
  • Location
  • By company size
  • Industry

2. Create a New Ad Campaign

After creating your account on the site, you can then create a new ad campaign. You can do this here. Click “Create Ad” to get started. You will need to add in billing information at that point. You do not pay for it until your ad goes live, though. Once you complete this click on the section that prompts you to create a new campaign.

3. What Type of Campaign Should You Create?

You’ll find two options to choose from. Both can work well (and many will use both forms.) Here’s a look at your options:

  • Sponsored Content ads are a bit more expensive, but they help you to build followers by showcasing your page to those who may be more likely to respond to them. You’ll provide company-specific information to bring people to your profile.
  • Text Ads are another option, which cost a bit less. As their name sounds, they place smaller ads on the pages of those who may be ideally suited for your business goals. These are still targeted ads.

4. Create the Content of Your Ad

These ads are much like AdWords ads, but they do have a photo in them. That can make placement of your content a bit trickier. Here’s a breakdown to keep in mind:

  • Keep the headline short but punchy. Try incorporating the title of the person you’re targeting.
  • Create your ad copy. Again, keep it short, but also specific.
  • Add a destination URL. This is the place you want the person reading the ad to land when they click on it. Avoid links to homepages. Instead, place them deeper into the site.
  • The photo is the last component. Pick a photo of a person whenever possible, but make sure it is clear.

LinkedIn ads need to have a solid call to action. You’ll want to ensure the call to action tells them what to do and tells them why they will benefit from doing it. “Click here, now, for a free sample.”

5. Work on Testing Your Ad

It’s not good enough to just create an ad and assume it will result in plenty of hits. You’ll need to work on it on a consistent basis. You can create variations of your ad within your campaign so you can see which are working best for your target audience.

6. Work on Capture Options

You have two main options for capturing your LinkedIn ad leads. You can do so using your landing page, of course. If you do this, use a free offer to get the most attention. You can also use lead collection, which allows you to receive an email directly from your consumer.

7. Track Your Progress Consistently

Finally, once your ad is in place, monitor your progress under the Campaign Manager dashboard. There are plenty of charts here to use. But, don’t let underperforming ads wait. Be sure you take the time to learn more about what isn’t working so you can alter your plans.

LinkedIn advertising can be an exceptional solution. But, to make it work for you, you’ll need to consistently work on this goal.

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