5 Tips for Creating Lead Generating Websites

Lead generation is an important part of a company’s marketing plan. A lead is a person interested in purchasing your services/product or someone who wants to work with you. A website must first catch the attention of the reader and then spark a connection. It is important for companies to focus on being found by the kind of clients they are looking for. These tips can all help improve a website so a business can generate more successful leads:


  1. Call to actions

People usually visit a website for a specific reason. Call to actions, or CTAs, help guide the customer towards what to do next so they don’t feel lost or overwhelmed. Things like pop up screens, “Sign Up” buttons, and forms are all good CTAs to include in a website. Having forms on every page, especially with only a few, simple questions, can motivate the viewer to fill them out and become a potential lead. The CTAs guide the viewer to their (and your) end goal. To help the CTAs stand out and be obvious to anyone who visits the site, place them to the above the fold of a website.


  1. Credibility

Credibility means clearly establishing the company’s ethos on the website. Credibility can be built with bios and pictures of staff members, reviews and testimonials from past customers, and using correct facts and data.  All of these components help bring a business to life, instead of being just another page on the internet. Always include contact information in case the customer has any questions or concerns.


  1. Quality over quantity

Don’t design a website to cater to everyone. It is better to be specific to the type of leads a company wants to receive. A website should be made to be perfect for the “ideal client.” It is better to have one very interested client visit your website than 10 uninterested people.


  1. Be creative

Don’t use “cookie-cutter” website templets. Find a way to make your business stand out from all of the other websites. Utilizing white space, using “powerful” words (actions verbs rather than “get” or “have”), and making forms and CTAs stand out will all help visitors remember a website. Incorporating videos is also a creative way for viewers to understand what a company is truly all about.


  1. A Blog

A blog helps attract visitors and make them more aware. It is also another creative way for viewers to get to know the business. If the posts are more consistent, then a website will have more traffic and exposure. Using keywords throughout blog posts can help a website rank higher in search engines. Blogs can also incorporate the other tips mentioned above by establishing credibility, containing multiple CTAs, and allowing creativity.


For more information on how to generate leads for your business, Contact Us today.


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