Healthcare Content Marketing in 2018

Within the healthcare industry, it can often be challenging to ascertain what marketing strategy is the right track for your offerings. Healthcare is a complex topic, and you want your marketing strategy to convey that your organization has the ability to tackle complicated challenges without fear and demonstrate your expertise within the industry as well as a differentiator.

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The best way to accomplish this is to have a strong content marketing strategy in place. With 2018 in its initial months, this is the perfect time to create and establish a content marketing strategy that will convey expertise and knowledge while branding you as an industry leader.

Still not convinced that as a healthcare professional, you need a content marketing strategy? Here are 4 reasons why you need it:

1) A strong method to deliver thought leadership

Building a brand as a healthcare leader essentially means being able to convey thought leadership in a meaningful, interesting and accessible manner. Content marketing is the best method for accomplishing this and allows users to get a better understanding of your organization, expertise, and knowledge in a single location.

The Huffington Post encourages this practice, noting that successful content marketing must “balance a professional tone with approachable content” for actionable results. Use a blog or case studies as a way to demonstrate your legal knowledge and practical acumen so that potential clients get a better understanding of how you approach challenges.

2) A quick way to share

Whether it is developing healthcare news, musings on nutrition, or thoughts on the future of the healthcare industry – content marketing is an effective way to get your thoughts out there and share them with ease. Content marketing is a great passive tool, but it is also a quick method by which you can share your thought leadership.

Some strategies may include emailing links to relevant content to potential and current clients, creating industry and practice newsletters or even just sending out blog updates to let your user base know that you are active in the industry as a method for lead generation.

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3) Build trust

Forbes recommends creating content that is high-quality, attractive and focuses on your strengths. These three qualities are an essential way to build trust and create meaningful relationships with future and current clients. Use your content not as an overt means of marketing, but as a means to develop long-term inbound marketing measures that can create better lead generation.

At the end of the day, people work with who they trust. And as a lawyer, it can often be difficult to bridge the gap between personal and professional to break those barriers. Having a solid content marketing strategy in place will help humanize your practice, allow potential and future clients to get to know you better and ultimately build trust.

4) Consistency is key

Having a content marketing strategy is the first step, but the hardest step is being consistent – but it is the one that is rewarded the most. Content marketing will not only be a great asset in building trust and credibility, but these qualities become stronger if there is a consistent strategy in place.

Many start off the year by building a lot of content, and then lose steam and abandon the endeavor. It might seem tempting to write off content marketing as a strategy based off that since it will likely not deliver the results expected.

However, the difference between a successful and unsuccessful strategy is the regularity of it. Users enjoy seeing a consistent level of helpful, high-quality content and that is what cements trust for them. Whether it is a regular series, or creating an editorial calendar for the year, incorporating consistency within a content marketing strategy will deliver the right results. 


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