3 Reasons a Website Redesign Can Offer Positive ROI

The thought of investing in a website redesign leaves many companies feeling cold. After all, they think, our current business website seems to be working fine; why risk devoting money and time toward an investment that may not show any returns? In truth, however, the costs of sticking with your current website could be even greater; they’re simply more difficult to calculate. Here are the three key questions you need to ask yourself as you consider a website redesign in order to figure out if the return on your potential investment is positive.

Website Redesign ROI

Is your current website helping you meet your business goals?

Your company may be selling itself short by accepting the status quo from your website. It shouldn’t be sufficient that your website is generating the same amount of sales that it always has; you have to ask yourself if those sales figures match your business’ goals. Sit down and consider your business’ sales and lead generation goals utilizing the SMART methodology: be specific, pick measurable and achievable goals, and make sure you are results-focused and time-bound. You might be surprised to find that your website is failing you in all respects. Alternatively, a redesign that helps your website to be responsive, attractive and offer a concise marketing message can help you reach–or exceed–your goals to a degree you never thought possible.

Is your current website optimized to convert page views into sales?

According to HubSpot, your website needs to perform four key actions in order to maximize its inbound marketing success and convert visitors into customers: attract, convert, close and delight. Each of these website goals can be met through a variety of tools and features. For example, attracting the right visitors to your website today–that is, those who are predisposed to becoming leads and eventually customers–requires an active and content-driven blog, emphasis on search engine optimization and landing pages that are designed to appeal to your ideal customers. Note that these features are dynamic, interactive and engaging. Even if your website’s design was the most cutting-edge at the time, standards for website optimization have changed; if you don’t remodel your website to meet these changing standards, you risk being left behind.

Is your current website ranking as well as you’d like in search engine results?

No one can visit your website–and thus become a customer–if they can’t find your website. Nowadays, that means that you must perform well in search engine rankings. If your website is floundering on the third or fourth page of results for your important keywords, you are almost certainly losing valuable customers–and your website design is likely to blame. Search engines look closely at your website’s content, code and graphics when determine where it falls in the rankings. An outdated, non-optimized design stands no chance against a current redesign aimed at maximizing results under today’s search engine algorithms.

In short, if the answer to these three questions is “no,” investing in a website redesign that can flip this narrative has the potential to provide your business with a substantial ROI on its marketing dollars. Don’t just look at the money you’ll need to spend on redesigning your website; consider the steady stream of money that your business is losing with a website that isn’t generating the leads that it could be–and the boost to revenue you could realize through an engaging, up-to-date design.

At Link360, our digital marketing experts specialize in designing websites that convert views into sales. We understand the importance of dynamic, responsive design that is optimized both to top the search engine results and to provide maximum user-friendliness. To find out more about Link360’s comprehensive lead generation and marketing services, please contact us today.

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