Dental Marketing: How to Improve Your Organic Search Reach

Content is still king. It’s the top way patients are discovering your dental practice, connecting with you online, and deciding whether they will visit your office. Therefore, creating engaging content that resonates with your ideal patients is vital for your dental marketing strategy.

Yet, simply creating content isn’t enough. It’s also important to get it in front of your ideal customer. This means strategically optimizing your content so it appeals to Google and ignites engagement from your audience.

It also means ensuring that you’re leveraging the right tactics in your content that fosters engagement and increases your organic search reach.

Use this guide as a checklist for your content creation to achieve maximum results from your efforts.

1. Focus on Long-Form Content

The benefits of creating long-form content are tremendous. First, Google loves long-form. HubSpot shared that the average Google first page result contains 1,890 words – that’s probably a bit higher now. This in-depth content gives readers great information on the topic, thoroughly answering their questions and providing education.

Also, you can work smarter with your content marketing with long-form content. By repurposing your article into smaller blog posts, videos, and short social media posts, you significantly expand your practice’s influence. Additionally, you give your followers different ways to consume your message.

Finally, long-form content works well in boosting your SEO technique. Visitors tend to stay on your site longer (improving dwell-time) and it offers more ways to naturally sprinkle your keyword (and semantic keywords) throughout your page.

And not to mention how long-form positions you as a credible source in the dental industry. Therefore, focus on creating longer articles to bring value and increase your online visibility.

2. Optimize Your Articles for Google and Other Search Engines

Ranking on Google requires some consistent legwork in optimizing your content. Although the algorithms are constantly changing as search behavior changes and evolves, there are still tried and true techniques you can implement in your content.

In fact, here are a few simple best practices to use to improve your search engine optimization strategy:

  • Be sure to include the primary keyword in the URL, title-tag, meta description, and H1 tag.
  • The URL should be clean and easy to read as opposed to long lengthy ones that include every word in the title
  • Leverage all of the spaces in the meta description, providing a compelling description of the article that would entice Google users to click
  • When using images, be sure to save them as the keyword before uploading them as images in your blog
  • Also with images, include the keyword in the Alt tag, caption, and description
  • As mentioned, naturally mention your keyword throughout the article
  • Don’t forget to include your keyword in your tags!

We offer advanced strategies as well to really ramp up your SEO for your website and blog content!

3. Spend Time on Your Headlines

Your headline is the first thing your future patients see about your post. It determines whether or not they decide to engage. So, spending time crafting a great title is huge for getting people to click, like, and share your content.

Thankfully, tests have revealed what makes an intriguing blog title for your reference.

  • Keep it Concise and Unique – You want the headline to be short enough so the entire title appears in the search results but unique enough so it stands out from other content.
  • Numbers Perform Well! – Lists, using statistics, and numbers, in general, seem to attract readers and do well for engagement.
  • Use a Descriptive Word – Adjectives along with power and emotional words bring life to your headline. Use them to your advantage to create a connection with your audience.
  • Offer the Benefit – Every reader wants to know what’s in it for them! Offering the benefit or what visitors will glean from your message will help attract more people your way.
  • Use Tools to Refine Over Time – CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer is an incredible free tool that will help you write better headlines over time.


dental marketing

4. Don’t Forget about Interactive Content!

Interactive content is a genius way to improve your organic search reach.

You see, by using content pieces such as videos, slideshows, infographics, quizzes and surveys, you improve user-experience and keep visitors engaged. This improves the time people spend on your page and signals to Google that your topic is relevant to the search query.

Interactive content also offers a personalized experience. Instead of just reading content, your visitor can gain intimate details that relate to them. Results received from completing a quiz, for example, uniquely relates to their needs.

This is an excellent way to boost your lead generation strategy by sending these results via email. It’s also a great way to separate your brand from other practices.

So whenever possible, add an interactive experience to your content. You’ll certainly notice the improvements in your analytics!

5. Tools You Can Use

Finally, there are key tools and resources that will help you amplify your SEO strategy and get you in front of your target audience.

  • Yoast SEO This highly popular WordPress-plugin has made it super easy for brands to optimize their content. By following their checklist, you’ll position your posts to increase traffic and compete for your keyword. The good news is, it’s free, yet there is a paid, more robust option.
  • SEMRush – SEMRush is a comprehensive and powerful SEO software that will help you in your keyword research, domain analytics, and backlink audits. It’s a favored tool amongst marketers because of its dynamic features and reports.
  • Link360 – If you desire to personally work with a team that specializes in SEO, Link360 is your go-to source. In fact, our specialty is local optimization and on-page SEO. We can drive new patients to your website and help position your practice on the first page of search engines. Contact us for a free consultation.

Final Thoughts

Creating content is just one part of the digital marketing puzzle. Optimizing that content to increase its visibility in organic search is crucial to be effective in online marketing.

Use these tips to begin amplifying your online dental marketing strategy. As a result, you’ll experience more traffic, better engagement, and greater exposure online.

To your success!

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