3 Advanced Practices to Boost SEO Rankings for Dental Websites

Staying up-to-date with your SEO is super vital to your dental practice. Not only does it allow you to get in front of your ideal patients that’s interested in your content, it improves user-experience, bolsters lead conversion opportunities, and betters your overall inbound marketing strategy.

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The good news is, SEO doesn’t have to be a complicated or challenging feat. There are simple practices you can do as a dental practice to improve your website rankings. This, in turn, will drive greater visibility to your business so you can provide amazing service to new patients.

So, to boost your SEO rankings, here are three action steps you can leverage today to start creating favorable results tomorrow:


Although search engine algorithms are constantly changing and evolving, there are tried and true tactics that have withstood the test of time.

Use the following on-page SEO practices at every opportunity for your dental website and blog content:

  • URL: Keep the URL structure concise and clean, ensuring it makes sense to your reader (and for Google). For blog posts, make sure the link includes the keyword you’re aiming to rank for.
  • Title-Tag: Also, keep your title-tag as short as possible and have the keyword mentioned in the beginning. Have it describe what’s on the page opposed to general statements such as “About Me” or “Our Company.”
  • Meta Description: Take advantage of the full 300-characters allowed for the meta description, making it specific to the content on the page. Give visitors a reason to read more about the page by mentioning a benefit or asking a question that piques interest. Of course, include your primary keyword in your meta description.
  • H1 Tag: There’s only one H1 tag and it should be highlighted at the beginning of your post. You can essentially repeat the title-tag, keeping it super concise.

Hone Your Link Development Strategy

Backlinks continue to be a strong indication of authority to Google. When other authoritative sources are including your website and blog links in their content, this further cements your credibility in the financial industry.

Yet, it takes time to build this strategy to create the backlinks needed to move the needle in your favor. With consistency, this tactic alone can be a powerful force in improving your SEO.

So here are several top link attraction tactics to bolster your link development strategy:

  • Have your content manager build long-term relationships with industry-authoritative websites, writers, and publications
  • Reach out only to relevant sites so it’s quality backlinks coming from them
  • Create an account on Medium to leverage a high-domain platform. You can publish your blog content here; just simply mention where the original article appeared either at the beginning or end of your post when sharing on Medium
  • Promote your best content to the world. Share it multiple times on social media but use a different headline each time. Include it in your email automation for new subscribers

Change Your Website to HTTPS before July

Did you know Chrome will flag all HTTP sites as “not secure” starting July (Source: TechCrunch).

TechCrunch shares,

Over the course of the last few years, Google has strongly advocated for the use of HTTPS to help keep your browsing data safe from anybody who could be spying on your web traffic while it’s in transit between your browser and a server.

Now, with Chrome 62, it will prominently highlight if your site is not secure in its URL bar.

As a dental practice, offering your visitors a secure, safe connection is crucial to building trust. Oftentimes, your website is the first – or second – impression of your business. Having an HTTPS website simply sets the foundation that you’re a trusted brand.

HTTPS also has incredible benefits for your SEO. You’ll experience faster load speeds and increased rankings as a result. It will keep visitors on your page longer, a big impact on improving SEO for your digital strategy.

Better Your SEO for Your Dental Website

Armed with these tips, you can set out to better your SEO to increase visibility and awareness of your practice. The key is to remain consistent in your efforts and in due time, you’ll see your rankings soar.

Much success.


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Link360 is a healthcare digital marketing agency located in Greenville, SC. We help practices that want to grow, but are frustrated that their website is not generating the right leads for them.

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