4 Ways to Get Young Adults Back in the Dentist Chair With Inbound Marketing

Dentistry is something that most people experience in life stages, much to the frustration of the dentists themselves. Professional adults tend to take themselves to the dentist at least once a year just to keep an eye on how things are going in their own mouths and your child patients arrive as consistently as their parents can manage. However, in the ages between 17 and 30, patients seem to completely disappear.

Young Adults Avoiding the Dentist

Young adults are going through a very special phase of their life in which they teach themselves how to become responsible professionals. From the college dorm and handling their own classes to the first apartment and real job, young adults are often too busy to remember to shower regularly or buy real food at the grocery store. Much less visit the dentist. Not to mention the necessary maturity required to face something they may have feared as children and teens. For dentists, it has been important to accept that young adults will wander away and eventually find a new dentist when they’re ready to take on adult responsibilities for their teeth.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to stop reaching out and making your services available. Through the methods of inbound marketing, you can use the natural curiosity and proclivity to look things up that is inherent to the Millennial and Gen Z generations. All you have to do is write interesting, informative, and compelling articles about dentistry in ways that apply and appeal to young adults. Let’s look at a few topic ideas to get you started:


1) Feature Everything About Wisdom Teeth

If there is one topic that you can guarantee 20-somethings are looking up, it’s information about wisdom teeth. While not everyone grows wisdom teeth, or all their wisdom teeth, most young adults will be having some kind of experience with the arrival of their third molars. The most common kind of article about wisdom teeth is what an impacted or infected tooth feels like and when to see a dentist. This is a very important approach to start with because there are so many young adults who need to know that their jaw pain isn’t likely to stop without the help of a professional. However, not all young adults do have impacted wisdom teeth and many would rather hold onto their extra teeth instead of an extraction if at all possible.

Once you’ve covered the basics for those in pain, you are likely to see even more traction writing informative articles about what to do if your wisdom teeth are not impacted. Write about what it’s like to grow in new teeth as an adult, how the gums feel, and how to ease the mild discomfort of adult teething. Talk about Pericoronitis and how to deal with it at home or with a dentist. And, of course, always wrap up your articles by reminding your young adult readers that professional cleaning and inspection is the best way to make sure their wisdom teeth come in healthily.

2) Statistics About Dental Hygiene and Career Success

The vast majority of young adults are all wrapped up in building their careers, either through higher education or with hard work in their first few jobs. A lot of this early stage of career building focuses on personal appearances and young adults often care deeply about how their smile looks to others and if whitening will get them ahead in the business world.

There has been a lot of fluff content written about how good dental hygiene and whitening can make you seem more confident, healthier, and so on. However, this is almost never backed up by statistics and observations from real dental professionals. If you want the attention and appointments of young adult patients, focus some of your inbound marketing efforts on how good dental responsibility will help them get to the top of their careers. Share your own experiences, anonymous patient stories, and the simple fact that building a responsible routine is better for career performance than cosmetic trend-chasing.

3) Cosmetic Dentistry Holiday Specials

Another significant concern for young adults is looking good for their families before going home for the holidays. They want their parents to see that they are successful on their own and, probably, to hide the little mistakes they and every other young adult makes in their first few years living alone. Dental hygiene is an important part of this presentation and many young adults will book their first appointment in years right before going home for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter. If you want these appointments to be booked in your office, consider writing content that will draw in these worried potential patients.

You may even consider offering a discount on cleaning and whitening for these cash-strapped young professionals. A holiday appointment is often the first step back into regular dental care. Your best topics in this area will be about how to impress your parents going back home, tell-tale signs of poor oral hygiene, and encouraging articles about taking control of your life. Remember to write with an understanding and sympathetic voice to avoid sounding judgmental.

4) Be Funny on Social Media

No, we’re not joking or being cliche. Chances are that if you’ve spoken to even a few marketers, the suggestion of social media has come up more than once. Getting into social media can be tough for medical professionals because it is such a casual environment. It can feel strange to post one-off content. However, social media is where the young adults, teenagers, and a large portion of older professionals spend their time. If you want to reach your desired patients, it’s important to at least have a social media presence.

The good news is that reaching out to young adults through social media is easier and more enjoyable than it sounds. As a dentist, you’ve no doubt become pretty good at putting people at ease. You may have distracting toys for the little kids and plenty of jokes for nervous patients. Put these sometimes cringe-worth dentist jokes to good use again through your social media content. If you can make people laugh about dentistry online, your office will seem a lot ‘cooler’ and young adults may feel that it is safer to come to you with their concerns than a stern doctor who will tisk at their gums. A little humor on social media can go a surprisingly long way.

Bringing in new patients to your dental office is never a simple task, but it doesn’t have to be tedious either. If you’ve been trying to invite more young adults back into the dentist chair before they get catastrophic cavities from living on ramen and cake, inbound marketing and fun relevant topics is a great approach to get their attention and win their trust. For more inbound marketing tips for your dental practices, contact us today!

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