3 Useful Inbound Marketing Video Styles for Your Dental Practice

Everyone knows that dentists tend to have a certain style to their marketing campaigns. It’s all about teeth! Everywhere you look in dental marketing, you see big smiling teeth. Plastic toys of teeth, big teeth on spinning light-up signs, and pictures of teeth on every holiday reminder card. While this may make sense for your industry, one thing that dentists often seem to forget is that teeth are not actually the most approachable image. Mammals bear their teeth to express anger or to intimidate, which might explain the underlying fear of dentists that permeates our culture.

Today, the modern inbound marketing style is all about approachability. And nothing today is more approachable than video. You need content that people come to naturally, which means coming at the whole dental concept from the patient’s point of view. Let’s look at three different video styles for your dental practice that will work perfectly with your social media and online marketing campaign and appeal to your audience far more than a set of big grinning teeth.

1) “The Chair” A Tour of Your Dentist Inner Sanctum

Whether it came from constantly bared teeth or horror stories about frontier-era dental technology, our culture suffers from a widespread fear of dentists. Dentists often ignore this fact in their marketing campaigns because they don’t know how to deal with it but your practice can stand out by facing the issue head-on.

The center of this fear is The Chair, a center of mystery, fear, and the idea that each unknown implement is secretly in place to torment ‘bad’ patients. The best way to remove fear is to remove the unknown that people are afraid of so bring that video camera into your examination room and start giving a tour. With only a few seconds for social video styles, you can cover one or two tools per video and provide a friendly explanation of what each thing does. This will be a fun and educational journey for your audience and might even be used by parents to help their kids understand the dentist.

2) “The Skinny on Wearing Braces” A Video Guide for Teens

Another area where there is actually a significant need for dentist-made videos is braces education. Thousands of children and teens are going through the whole braces ordeal every year and not all of them have the education and resources to deal with everything that comes up. For those kids who have an uncommunicative orthodontist or teens who are afraid of starting braces because they fear the complications, a primer on what braces are, how to wear them, and how to handle common challenges is not only useful to your potential audience, it’s also highly persuasive. Parents will want a dentist who is willing to lay it all out for kids instead of just strapping on the braces and sending them on their way. With a great rapport, your braces how-to guide videos are sure to see some replays and earn more than a few family customers.

3) “Why do My Teeth…?” A FAQ for Tooth Symptoms

Finally, inbound marketing is all about answering questions and providing information that people commonly seek and turning that into an opportunity to earn a new client. At the top of the conversion funnel for adult patients of dentists is the question “Why do my teeth….?” When a person’s teeth hurt under certain circumstances, ache, itch, or otherwise feel strange, they look it up on the internet and decide of the remedy can be achieved at home or requires a professional.

Making a video FAQ about common tooth problems titled in SEO-friendly ways like “Why do my teeth hurt in the cold?” “Why do my teeth get sore when I run?” will draw a lot of interested viewers and shows off your chair-side manner encouraging new patients to bring their problems to you because you understand what they’re going through.


Video is a powerful marketing tool for any business, but when used correctly by dentists it can also be a fun way to remove the mystery and share some useful dental tips with your audience.

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